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Re: Web Design Programs ?

Personally I had no good experiences with all-in-one webdesignprograms
(and I have to agree with Ron Koster).
When I'm working on my webpages my taskbar below my screen is piled
up with these programs :

Hot Dog Pro 5.0
Photoshop 4.0
Word 97
Wordperfect 6.1
Macromedia Fireworks 1.0
Netscape 3 and Navigator (4)
Internet Explorer 3 & 4.01
Smartsaver Pro
Macromedia Flash 2
Cool 3d
iPhoto Express
Filemaker Pro 4
Cute FTP

I really use (and need) all these programs to get what I want. All what
comes out is mixed in HotDog (using plain HTML) to get where I want.
Sorry to disappoint anybody (and I certainly don't want to be arrogant) who
thought web-design can be done like using your wordprocessor......

Cor Knops.

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Conservation & Restoration of Books and Paper
Groenstraat 8
6151 CS Munstergeleen
phone 00 31 46 4200024
fax   00 31 46 4110180
e-mail    knops@xs4all.nl
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Also have a look at our Book Information Website:
          http://www.xs4all.nl/~knops/index3.htm and on

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