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Oh,the HUMID studio!

To all,

I my binding studio is housed in a humid basement, I therefore, keep the
humidifier going 24 hours a day and have to leave a window open to fan
exhaust printing cleaner fumes...I collect enough h2o to quell the thirst
of a horse..

I have housed all prepped signitures, endsheet materials, decorative
papers, books in progress, and misc. materials for printing in plasitic
containters.  A light went on when I wondered if plastic emits harmful
fumes.  Somehow I was thinking do I NEED to leave a little air hole- could
no air cause problems, atleast its better than no protection from

I was wondering if I needed to take all this a step even more: do I need to
put my wooden pressing boards, blotters, and any paper materials which
comes into contact with work in progress-- in plastic boxes, since they
contain h2o moisture to touch??.

Until I can get a air system going, please, what suggestions can I follow
to make my work place a "safer" HUMID  environment?

Thank you,

Enjoy the women's soccer finals tommrow, should be well worth watching!!

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