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Hello, I must be going

To all friends,

I am depressed, and I mean very, chronically depressed, and yes I do see
a shrink and take my medications,
but nothing seems to be able to dislodge me from this hellish vortex into
which I am descending, path upon which
I doubt if I ever will be able to escape.

I am giving up on my dream to become a bookbinder, the VA won't approve
or fund my study of it, they say that
I would not be able to support myself if I become a
bookbinder/conservator.  I hate the VA; I hate myself.

I hate myself for many reasons, but chief among them is being naive and
vulnerable.  Depression has a way
of increasing a person's vulnerability.

If anyone could give me a job or paid apprenticeship, I would consider
taking you up on the offer and telling
the VA and its myopic vision to take a hike down a long road.

I am seriously contemplating going to law school to be an advocate for
people like myself who are lonely, depressed
and eager to become something the world seems to reject, because to
"them" traditional bookbinding is archaic
and dead.  To me it is anything but archaic, for I find real beauty in
watching a signature being sewn onto tapes or
cords, there is elegance in the movement of the needle and thread and in
the designs one can create, purely
artistic designs that no one will ever likely see.

Please tell me how to unsubscribe from this list.  I'd appreciate it.

Rommel John Miller
failure extraordinary,

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