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Re: Hello, I must be going

don't punish us by leaving because you are angry at them.
they're ignorant.  show them some printed up web pages of jobs
for conservators atc ollege libraries, from the archive of
this list even.  some printout of  pages of conservators'
websites.  But all this when you feel better.

you wrote a poetic description of bookbinding, and, you are
also a good writer.  you will succeed in whatever you do, if
you keep expressing, writing, telling.others.  write up a
description like the ones for plumbers--a manual craft tell
take it to a higher authority...

There is also music to listen to.  Most important, moping is
okay when you've lost something you wanted--that may  not be
from depression, but, normal mourning, for a loss of a hope.
Refuel with rest.

 from Olivia
a fellow artist of sorts, and, a mom.

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