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Re: Hello, I must be going

This is becoming pathetic. Katherine, please speak for yourself. I and many
others here are not on this list to play therapist.


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----- Original Message -----
From: Kathleen Parulski <ibindbooks@SNET.NET>
Sent: Saturday, July 10, 1999 12:05 PM
Subject: Re: Hello, I must be going

> Don't leave the list.  Stay with the books. We're here for you. Show
> them you have it all by the ass.  You can do it many of us have and the
> binding even if not our primary income keeps us in focus.
> You're on a journey and some of your best moments will be gleaned during
> those times of struggle.
> Take it one moment at a time!
> Kathy
> Rommel John Miller wrote:
> > To all friends,
> >
> > I am depressed, and I mean very, chronically depressed, and yes I do
> > see
> > a shrink and take my medications,
> > but nothing seems to be able to dislodge me from this hellish vortex
> > into
> > which I am descending, path upon which
> > I doubt if I ever will be able to escape.
> >
> > I am giving up on my dream to become a bookbinder, the VA won't
> > approve
> > or fund my study of it, they say that
> > I would not be able to support myself if I become a
> > bookbinder/conservator.  I hate the VA; I hate myself.
> >
> > I hate myself for many reasons, but chief among them is being naive
> > and
> > vulnerable.  Depression has a way
> > of increasing a person's vulnerability.
> >
> > If anyone could give me a job or paid apprenticeship, I would consider
> >
> > taking you up on the offer and telling
> > the VA and its myopic vision to take a hike down a long road.
> >
> > I am seriously contemplating going to law school to be an advocate for
> >
> > people like myself who are lonely, depressed
> > and eager to become something the world seems to reject, because to
> > "them" traditional bookbinding is archaic
> > and dead.  To me it is anything but archaic, for I find real beauty in
> >
> > watching a signature being sewn onto tapes or
> > cords, there is elegance in the movement of the needle and thread and
> > in
> > the designs one can create, purely
> > artistic designs that no one will ever likely see.
> >
> > Please tell me how to unsubscribe from this list.  I'd appreciate it.
> >
> > Rommel John Miller
> > failure extraordinary,
> > loser

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