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Re: Web Design programs?

Concerning the Web Design program issue:

If you want full management of the site, true wysiwyg and easy upload, access
to code if you want (as an artist, I avoid code unless absolutely necessary),
and all the cool roll-overs, etc. I would use NetObjects Fusion 4.0.  I've used
this program since v.2.0 and have watched it evolve into a terrific tool, above
most and on par with the new GoLive, except possibly the quick time movie
function.  It is easy to learn, use and version 4.0 is proving quite stable,
too.  Cost is around $150. I have not tried Dreamweaver which is also very
highly rated.

As with all web programs, the true design comes in preparing the graphics and
the planning stages, way before you ever hit the web editor.


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