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Re: Hello, I must be going

Rommel John Miller wrote:
> To all friends,

I have appreciated the original and all the well written responses to Rommel
John Miller's post. Thanks for posting the answers to the list for all to share.

 I skate on the surface of depression and feel it grabbing at my heels.  There
have been times when I, like Job, have felt myself dangling over the abyss
held by one heel.

There is such power in good writing.

After a head trauma I had to relearn simple tasks like dressing myself and
dialing the telephone. I lost memory of people ( I recognized faces but
remembered nothing else) I couldn't concentrate on reading for more than a few
sentences and couldn't write more than name and address.

Reading and writing skills were slow to return.  The insurance company
considered those skills unimportant and discontinued funding the cognitive
rehab.  I was on my own.

All this is to say that I was immediately uplifted by Rommel's moving
description of his feelings.  Writing is such a struggle for me and I want to
tell him to continue writing because he is gifted with the ability to reach
into places that most words never find.

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