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Re: Please read : Re: Re: Hello, I must be going

At 09:39 AM 7/10/99 -0400, james linza wrote:
>I want to address here why I feel the way I do about this thread.
>A person's troubles should be addressed offlist for many reasons.

Aha! When we point a finger, there's always three fingers pointing right
back at ourselves! Gotcha, James! And thank you for sharing with us all
what's been troubling you! ;) :D

>A person troubled may not realize how public making private
>affairs open to the world can be or how potentially damaging that can be to
>him/herself or the one trying to help.
>As well few, have had the brains to realize that trying to help someone
>publically may only makes the situation worse for the person down the line.

Perhaps... but then perhaps not. I would agree that this is a list about
bookbinding and that we shouldn't turn it into a group therapy list, in a
similar way that if we were all here at a huge bookbinding school (which,
in essence, we are) we shouldn't be having our classes and work interrupted
by moments of people going through various emotional catharses.

But on the other hand, though, I also have no doubt that even if this was a
place of business, and one of us turned to his or her fellow co-workers in
a moment of need, perhaps because he or she just simply had no one else to
turn to -- or perhaps, as with Rommel John Miller's heartfelt words,
because he just felt that we all would understand his feelings and dilemma
more than anyone else -- and certainly it would be far more damaging to him
for us to ignore his reaching out to us as friends and colleagues, or
worse, even more damaging than that to react with words like "This is
becoming pathetic", etc.  Would we react to a co-worker or fellow student
in a moment of distress in that way? Would YOU react that way, and would
you want the same thing if you had so reached out in your own darkest night
of your soul?

*Ahem*. :`(

>Think twice people.

Yes, think twice -- indeed, think thrice and then again! But don't forget
how to feel, either. A little compassion never hurt anyone. Au contraire!
And besides, is not the fine art of binding books by hand inherently a very
therapeutic, even Zen-like activity in itself?

Ron :)

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