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Re: history

Patricia Grass wrote:
 Can anyone recommend a good reference book that goes into the
> history of binding.
In addition to the previous titles mentioned, I have three books that
might help. Two, unfortunately, are out of print, but I was able to get
copies at a used book shop.
THE BOOK BEFORE PRINTING: Ancient, Medieval, and Oriental
by David Diringer (still available, paperback, Dover Publications, ISBN
THE BOOK: The Story of Printing & Bookmaking
by Douglas C. Mc Murtrie (Out of print, originally published by Oxford
University Press, 5th printing 1957, hardcover)
ORIGINS OF THE BOOK: Egypt's Contribution to the Development of the Book
>From Papyrus to Codex
by Mohamed A. Hussein (OP, hardcover, NY Graphic Society, 1973?)

Hope this helps. Good luck!
--Meg Kennedy

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