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Fore-edge Phantom

I am interested in a rather esoteric aspect of book making and would very
much appreciate any input from the wisdom of the list.

I have divided fore-edge images into three:
1. Fore-edge painting.  Painting hidden under the fore-edge by fanning the
(often gilded) pages.
2. Fore-edge decoration.  Painting onto or gouging into the fore-edge
3. Fore-edge phantom.  Decoration or text appearing on the fore-edge as a
result of either printing over a folded fore-edge or bleed printing over the
"edge" of the page.

It is this third aspect in which I am interested and the name is my own.
* Can you tell me if there is an established book term for this phenomenon?
* Does anyone know of any titles which fit this description?
* Have any book artists ever used this technique in their work?

The most well known artists book of this ilk of which I'm aware is: "Detour"
by Jan Voss (1989) Distributed by Bookie Wookie etc.

There is a new trade title of "1984" by George Orwell (Secker and Warburg -
now Random House - 1999, GBP25) in which the words BIG BROTHER appear on the
fore-edge by (careful!) bleed printing.

The most common example would be an alphabetic index using marks on the
fore-edge of a dictionary.

Many thanks in advance

Jack M. Ginsberg
Johannesburg, South Africa
E-mail: jackg@cjpetrow.co.za

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