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[WOID] Announcements: New York and LA. (fwd)

I) The Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles is preparing a show
devoted to Athanasius Kircher, a 17th-century scholar who devoted
considerable thought to the question of "natural language." True, so did
Leibniz and a few others among his contemporaries, but they don't get a

II) Book Arts in New York:
1) "Buecher der Kuenstler: Thirty Years of Artists's Books in Germany."
Brooke Alexander, 59 Wooster Street, 925-4338. Through September 16.
(Baselitz, Beuys, etc.)

2) "Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam." Bound and Unbound, 601 West 26th St.
463-7348. Through September 18.

3) "Twenty Years of the Grenfell Press" Paul Morris, 465 West 23rd St.,
727-2752. Through August 30.

4) "The Artists' Books of Helmut Dirnaichner." Goethe Institut, 1014 Fifth
Ave., 439-8700. Books made of crushed minerals. Through July 24.

5) "A Book in Hand, a Book in Mind." Brooklyn Public Library, Grand Army
Plaza, (718) 230-2100. Through September 10.

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