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Middleton's Restoration Videos


Does anyone have the telephone number of Binder Vision,
in Kent (UK), the people who sell bookbinding and restoration videos,
including Middleton's work?

The reference comes from Middleton (1998), p289, but the
telephone number is not included, and British Telecom has no
listing of their number.

Thank you, if anyone can advise.

Peter N. Krantz
Book Restorations.
P.O. Box 500,
North Sydney,
N.S.W.               2059,

(34 Clanville Road,  Roseville,  N.S.W.  2069,  AUSTRALIA.)

Telephone:  +61 2 9416.9900
Fax:  +61 2 9416.6800
Email:  bkfndrs@ozemail.com.au

Established:  1976


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