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Guillotine cutter/Affordable cutters

Many thanks to everyone who replied to my posting wondering about
my new Gestetner guillotine cutter that I could not get to function.

I found a piece of wood that fit in the gutter; too soft to really
use, but with it I was able to determine that the cutter worked, but
that the blade needed sharpening and repositioning.

Anyway, I took the unit to a sharpening place where thay sharpened and
repositioned the blade. They also made a cutting stick out of high
molecular weight plastic).

All this work cost me about $80.00 Canadian (~$75.00 USD). The
cutter itself cost me $35.00 Canadian (~$25.00 USD)  at the local
university's surplus recycling facility. It works very well now.

I recommend the person who posted the message re. affordable cutters
check out university surplus recycling facilities.
Vanessa Lowe
Unit 310 - 237 East 4th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5T 4R4

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