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Re: history

Dear Patty,
The magical book on the history of structure has yet to be written the way
that I know that you want it. But there is a new edition of Jane Greenfield's
ABC of Bookbinding that has a lovely series of pages pp. 79-119 showing the
development of the Western codex from the 2nd century to the 20th century,
with great exploded  drawings of the structures. A nice synopsis. And of
course, Gary Frost's Booklab pages are a must read. I even ask my students to
read them as one of their first assignments in my Scripps College and UCLA
Extension classes. Now, you might invest in two weeks at Rare Book School
next summer or winter in Virginia and take Chris Clarkson and Nicholas
Pickwoad's two courses on book structure. Nothing better. And Nicholas is
working on a book that will give you just what you want. Who knows when it
will be published, but perhaps in a year or two. Most of the other books
mentioned on the list talk a lot about the decoration of the bindings and not
so much the structure.
Kitty Maryatt

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