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Re: Papermaking for children

Hi Sherri,

        This is a great book for kids: brief sections on how paper is everywhere
in our world; nature's papermakers (wasps); history of writing; how to make
a quill pen; making ink from berries or nutshells; how to make paper; how
paper was made historically; modern commercial processes; forestry for pulp
and paper (good ecological information here); neat things to do with paper
(Cook in it, pop-up-cards, leaf prints, paper marbling...); interesting
paper facts (Why do paper cuts hurt so much?) etc. All illustrated with
line drawings.
        In fact it's a fun book for adults too.

        Bourgeois, Paulette.
        The amazing paper book / written by Paulette Bourgeois;
        illustrated by Linda Henry.
        Toronto : Kids Can Press, 1989.
        79 p. : ill.
        ISBN: 0921103824

        I bought my copy two years ago.  I expect it's still available.


        Patricia L. Chalmers

At 10:48 AM 13/07/99 EDT, you wrote:
>To help assist in teaching children I am looking for books about papermaking
>for children.  They can either describe the technique or be a story that
>involves papermaking any ideas?
>Thank you.
>You can reply to me privately at:

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