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Re: Web Design programs?

Extensis makes a program for Mac and Windows called BEYOND PRESS, a plugin
for Quark Xpress.  It creates HTML code from your Quark document so that
your Web design has the same look and layout as you paper document. As you
know, Quark gives the most control of your page layout.  Beyond Press will
convert your layout into html for you.

I have used several HTML editors: Pagemill, Netscape, FrontPage,
ClarisWorks, etc.  I teach web construction and have found that most of the
WYSWYG editors confuse people when attempting to fine tune moderately
involved web page design.  Frontpage writes Microsoft's version of html and
is very messy and creates lots of havoc when used to open, rewrite or mount
pages written with other html editors.  Avoid it unless you need a program
that does not require ftp access to your server.  Most of the other
programs do.

I use Hotmetal by Softquad (Toronto)  It writes pure html and has by far
the best filters to convert any text document from something as old as
Wordstar into html.  In fact I use it to save damaged Word or Wordperfect
files all the time. It has a "Tags On" view and WYSIWYG view.  It is very
graphical, the tags are very clear and color coded (better than Netscape
Communicator). It has everything a word processor has, including drag and
drop. It creates frames, tables, javascrit, pull down windows, you name it,
all with full control.

I would try to find a copy of version 3.0 or 4.0, 5.0 is a bit too
in-your-face to start with.  Many are intimidated by it's look.  Don't be.
After all you learned Quark didn't you?  Hotmetal is very well designed and
a bit over $100.00 U.S.

I also use Macromedia's Dreamweaver, which is the only other program that
I've found that writes pure code.  It is very different from Hotmetal, but
is typical of Macromedia producrs.  It's icon driven, like Authorware, and
makes you think in layers.  It allows you to postion your text and graphics
in individual boxes (like Quark) and then writes the html code around your
design.  It is a bit like 3D chess, but a good product.

Photoshop is a must for a full life on the web!

Don't let anyone tell you that Hotmetal is too complex,  you will only use
portions of it, like any word processor.  As I use Beyond Press more I will
report back if you wish!

Best of Luck

At 10:07 AM 7/8/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Friends
>    One of my projects for the summer is to put together a website
>promoting my teaching and publishing efforts in making books in with
>children. I know a lot of list members have sites and would appreciate
>some advice. I am in the midst of an online course through a local
>community college on html but will be using a design program to create
>the site. I'd appreciate your recommendations.  I'm looking for a
>program that is easy to use and not too expensive. Quark XPress is the
>design program I'm familiar with. Thanks in advance.
>    Also, as I've mentioned before, I'll be teaching at Ed Hutchins'
>Book Arts Jamboree- July 18-23- in the session on Bookmaking Adventures
>in the Classroom. There are still openings- if you're interested contact
>Ed at jamboree@artistbooks.com
>in good spirit,
>Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
>Newburyport, MA

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