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Make Weights!

I wrapped my bricks in contact paper, but the ziploc bags are a good idea.

No one should have to spend money for fancy weights. Use a can of nails, a
jar of nuts and bolts, a box of books, a gallon of paint, anything. Today,
in moving things around in my workroom, I found the 2 lb. coffee can we had
been saving coins in. It weighed 10 lbs., perfect for a weight.

I made a muslin bag, 12" x 6", filled it with 4 lbs of salt (it happened
that sea salt was cheaper so that's what I used, but it doesn't have to
be). I sewed it shut and made a heavier cover for it. It's perfect to use
to weight down a newly lined back, fits the contour well. (One could use
beans or a grain, but if it should get too damp and sprout, you'd be in
trouble! Maybe you could put the beans in a ziploc bag first!

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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