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Re: Make Weights!

Re the salt bag- I have for years used a sand bag I first acquired for jewelry
work as an undergraduate.  Weighs about ten pounds. Especially nice for gluing
leather to sculpted book covers.
Another weighty idea - this is from my grandma, she uses it for sewing. Metal
washers are made in very hefty sizes. Get some that are about 4 inches (10 cm)
in diameter and cover them. (the easiest way is to crochet around them with
yarn) They are perfect for holding patterns down on cloth or leather or other
times when you just need a little help holding something down.

Betty Storz wrote:

> I wrapped my bricks in contact paper, but the ziploc bags are a good idea.
> No one should have to spend money for fancy weights. Use a can of nails, a
> jar of nuts and bolts, a box of books, a gallon of paint, anything. Today,
> in moving things around in my workroom, I found the 2 lb. coffee can we had
> been saving coins in. It weighed 10 lbs., perfect for a weight.
> I made a muslin bag, 12" x 6", filled it with 4 lbs of salt (it happened
> that sea salt was cheaper so that's what I used, but it doesn't have to
> be). I sewed it shut and made a heavier cover for it. It's perfect to use
> to weight down a newly lined back, fits the contour well. (One could use
> beans or a grain, but if it should get too damp and sprout, you'd be in
> trouble! Maybe you could put the beans in a ziploc bag first!
> Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
> Mendocino, CA

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