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Re: Railroad weights

I have found an excellent source of supply for cut-up railroad rails of
various heights (there are four or five standard rail sizes, I recently
discovered to my surprise, between Lionel at one end and Amtrak at the
other). We use rails for bookends, with great success. The source is:

        Mr Roy Austin
        26731 Amapala St.
        Hayward, CA 94545


Check him out on eBay, and tell him Groucho sent you.



At 09:49 AM 7/17/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Ya, railroad weights are great especially since they have "handles". Where do
>you find them?

Terry Belanger  :  University Professor  :   University of Virginia
Book Arts Press : 114 Alderman Library : Charlottesville, VA  22903
Tel: 804/924-8851   FAX: 804/924-8824  email: belanger@virginia.edu
              URL: http://www.virginia.edu/oldbooks/

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