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Looking for Susan Gaylord

Sorry to impose on the entire list, but my message to Susan Gaylord was
returned from her address: Gaylordsk@aol.com.

Susan Gaylord

I hope you are still subscribed to BOOK_ARTS-L.

I have been reading with interest your posts to BOOK_ARTS-L on teachng book
arts in the classroom.  I am presently putting together a resource
sheet for teachers to promote bookmaking/book arts in the classroom and
would like to add to our book arts collection in the Professional Library.

Are you still publishing booklets under the Seastreet Press imprint?
What titles are available?  Can you give me, please, information on
purchasing the booklets.

Thanks. Edith.

Edith Fuller
Librarian, Professional Library
Portland Public Schools
P. O. Box 3107
Portland OR 97208

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