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Re: Looking for Susan Gaylord

At the moment Susan Gaylord is at the Book Arts Jamboree and I will pass the
message on to her tomorrow.

I have to tell you one of the exciting things that happened this evening.  At
the resort where we are holding the Jamboree, they have a white wooden wall
in the middle of a field that is used to play hardball.  It looks like a
miniature drive-in movie screen.  We were using it for a slide presentation
under the stars.  Gloria Zmolek was showing us some of her incredible
handmade paper projects while we waited for it to get dark enough to show the
slides.  All of the sudden there was a gasp from someone in the audience.  We
all looked up and a large owl had landed on the top of the wall.  It surveyed
us briefly and then swooped over our heads and flew off into the evening sky.
 We were left awe struck by the beautiful sight we had just witnessed.

The Jamboree continues for the next three weeks.  This week is focused on
bookmaking activities in the classroom.  We're investigating such topics as:
"Making books from Around the World and Across the Curriculum," "Stretch
Creative Thinking Through Pop-Ups and Cartooning," "Enhancing Literacy
Through Classroom Publishing," and "The Basics and Creative Possibilities of
Hand Papermaking."  People from 27 states and provinces will be attending the
Jamboree this summer.

It's an exciting program and I'd better get to bed.  I don't want to miss out
on any of the fun tomorrow.


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