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Re: Make Weights

   When sewing a book on a sewing frame, it helps to have something
holding up the top folios of the signature while one sews through the
middle.  I have a small clip (which I pad with a piece of folded
blotter) that holds the top pages.  Tied to the clip spring is a piece
of heavy thread which hangs down over the top bar of the frame.  It is
tied around a  Civil War rifle bullet which I bought in Fredricksburg,
VA, for about 50 cents.   I also have Mort--a coiled, gargoyle cast in
some sort of manmade cement material.  I padded the bottom with cork and
bookcloth.  I think it adds to the enjoyment to work with tools and
objects (like weights) that one has made, found, adapted and subverted
from other uses.

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