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Update from the Jamboree

Thanks for the well-wishes.  I have printed them out and will post them at
the Jamboree this morning.

According to Marylou Eisenhart, the owner of Cedar Terrace where we are
meeting, the screech owl is an annual visitor and our siting was the first of
the season.  It apparently makes nightly appearances.  Last night we were all
gathered for my favorite part of the Jamboree--the participant's
"show-n-tell."  Since this session is devoted to bookmaking activities in the
classroom we were treated to a variety of book projects from many different
school settings, all areas of the curriculum and every grade level. The books
were wildly imaginative and packed with creative ideas.

Every year someone manages to show up with a new idea that knocks us out of
our socks.  Jeannie Hunt has wowed the Jamboree with her wedge-shaped Jacob's
ladder book.  It opens into a circle that is a color copy of one of her water
colors and then reverses to reveal the text in English and Spanish.  The book
ideas are flying off faster than we can swat them down!

As a bonus project, Susan Gaylord has us assembling a colorful sand mandela
that will be scattered on the last day of the session.

Tonight Julie Rimel is giving a presentation on alphabet books.  There's a
rumor that she has finished, and will be showing us, the embroidered alphabet
book that she displayed last year as a work-in-progress.  Not only is each
page intricately embroidered with a design for each letter of the alphabet,
the stitch that she used on each page relates to each specific letter.  Yikes!

Everyone has learned much, given more and--just imagine--this session isn't
even half over yet.


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