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Opinions of Robert Hellenga, "Sixteen Pleasures"

Dear Book Arts Listers,

The following message was sent to me through the Guild of Book Workers web pages
and the person is not a member of the list.  Since I haven't had a chance to
read the book yet, I thought some of you might be able to respond directly to
her.  I thought the book had been discussed on the list before, but after
searching the archives, i found it was just mentioned in passing.

Please respond directly to her since she is not on the list.  Her email address
is: BGE11@aol.com.  Thanks for your help.


--- Forwarded Message from BGE11@aol.com ---
I am reviewing Robert Hellenga's book "The Sixteen Pleasures for a small
community book club and am interested in knowing whether your organization
reviewed the book and as professionals had any reaction to his descriptions of
book restoration and conservation.  The part where he talks about gold tooling
was also very interesting.  How accurate/authentic are these descriptions?

I would appreciate any information you have regarding this book and Hellenga
in general.  Many thanks.
---end quote---

 Eric Alstrom
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder
 Midwest Chapter Newsletter Editor

 Hanover, NH

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