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The Book Arts Jamboree is a wonderful opportunity to explore the book arts
with other very interesting and interested people in a supportive atmosphere
and lovely mountainous setting.

It was held last year for the first time, for a week, and is this year for 3
separate, consecutive weeks, at a resort motel in the Catskills of Eastern
New York, north of NYC and south of Albany. Not real far from Woodstock, NY.

Ed Hutchins, Carolyn Chadwick and others started the Jamboree last year,
both of them teaching and coordinating workshops, slide shows, videos,
exchanges, auctions, trading events, etc.  There are activities all day
long, in which to take part or not (how could you _not_?). I was there and
busy from early morning 'til the wee hours at night or was that morning
again? Actually, I didn't sleep much the last few nights and none the final
night, but I took naps along the drive back home and it was worth it.

Participants cover a wide range of interests and abilities, and I know we
learned as much from each other as from the instructors. And, many of the
"participants" also helped out by teaching mini-workshops to the rest of us.
[God blessTara Bryan trying to show me the Jacob's Ladder form.]

I could go on and on and On, waxing with glowing enthusiastism, but I am
leaving for the 2nd and 3rd weeks of this year's Jam in a few days and have
much to do here.

Hope you can get involved sometime soon. (There _might_ even be space in the
last session - Ed?)

>From:    Jeff Jones <Amygdala@AOL.COM>
>Hey people,  What's this jamboree thing? What part of the country? -Jeff

Kitty Spangler <kspangler@earthlink.net>
NEW a few weeks ago: 412.682.3687
Main Street, Lawrenceville - Pittsburgh, PA

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