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'Volunteer' Bookkeeper/Treasurer needed!

Since there are many Guild of BookWorkers members on this Book_Arts-L list, I
am taking the liberty of posting the following information in the hopes that
it will generate some interest:

After well over a dozen years of volunteer service, the Guild's Treasurer has
decided to 'retire' when her current term expires in October. The Guild has
yet to find a volunteer to replace Mary Schlosser, and quite frankly...we are
getting pretty desperate!

If any GBW member would like to consider accepting the position, I have a
brief job description that can be sent to interested parties. The Guild would
supply the Quicken program to be used by a computer literate person, and a
reasonable amount of training (person-to-person if you happen to be in New
York City or North Carolina, or by phone if out of those areas)  It is NOT
difficult work, but a likely candidate should expect to spend about ten hours
a month on average processing membership dues, depositing checks for
purchased publications, paying an occasional bill, and other general record
keeping for all guild finances.  Any detailed work required for Tax purposes
would be handled by an accountant.

If you or anyone you know has a basic understanding of general bookkeeping
procedures, and would be willing and able to commit to at least a two-year
term volunteering your time to the nations largest and longest continuously
operating book arts guild, please contact me OFF the list for further

Thanks! Karen L. Crisalli, President, GBW

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