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Re: Imitaion leather

Yes, Rexam does have suede like material and leather materials as well.
They are easy to do business with...many and varied free sample sheets.
When you order however, there is a 60 yard minimum.  So group buys are
often necessary.


Duncan Campbell wrote:

> >Would anyone know the name of a supplier or manufacturer of imitation
> >leather specifically for bookbinding, especially with a suede finish?
> >
> >Brian Queen
> Gane Brothers & Lane in Illinois (1-800-323-0596) has Imitation
> Leather.
> No suede though. :(  I was told that both Nagahide and Imitation Suade
> were
> hunted to extinction. ;)  There is a company called Rexam that has a
> suede
> finish on a paper product (not cloth like Gane Bros.).  Let me know if
> that's of any interest and I'll dig up there phone number.
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> Duncan
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