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Re: Imitaion leather

Ultrasuede works very well on boards, but you have to be extremely careful
with the PVA or =.  I've used it for years.  You can stuff it, pleat it,
pad it, cover boxes and it looks great.  It is wide and you can buy a 1/4
of a yard.


what about ultrasuede, available at good fabric shops?  I've used it for
>soft cover bindings and it seems to work well.  How it would work on boards
>I don't know.  It's expensive but you can buy small quantities.
>At 11:54 AM 7/21/99 -0500, you wrote:
>>>Would anyone know the name of a supplier or manufacturer of imitation
>>>leather specifically for bookbinding, especially with a suede finish?
>>>Brian Queen
>Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

Barbara Lazarus Metz


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