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Re: Bookbinding videos

maybe you have a  PAL (Phase Alternation Line)
which is a german system of colors for TV
& in US you use   NTSC (National Television System Committee)
which is a american system of colors for TV
you can=B4t see a PAL video in a NTSC VCR
so you need to "translate" PAL to NTSC
i don=B4t know
maybe with professional services in the yellow pages of your city
maybe ask a video producer if you know one
here, in Venezuela, we have a site called (in spanish)
"Asociacion Cultural Humboldt" a Goethe Institution
which is everywhere.
maybe you have one like this in your town.
good look.

>Just a dumb question:  since these were produced in Great Britain,
>are they playable on the VCR's here in the US?   A few years ago
>I tried to play a tape of NOVA that a friend had loaned me from
>England and it wouldn't fit/play.  Anyone know?   Thanks.
>TL Herbert, Charleston, SC

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