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Re: Bookbinding Destroyed by British Customs

According to a review by Jennifer Storey in the March '99 issue of _Morocco
Bound_ (Journal of Australian Craft Bookbinders), Argentinian Pablo Mayayo
Formiga's binding portrayed Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of Aztec
mythology, carved out of thin marble and ivory. The disbound pieces were
put on special display at the exhibition allong with the following lines
(translated) from Leopardi:
        Men are ashamed
        Not by the injustices they commit
        But by those they receive.
        In order for the offenders to feel ashamed
        There is no other way
        But to make them change places.


>While wandering around the internet today, I checked back in on the
>Leopardi Exhibition site and explored one of the links I had not
>previously looked at, namely "Pablo Mayayo."
>It seems that Mr. Mayayo sent in his binding for this competition &
>exhibition and while at Heathrow airport it was destroyed by Customs
>agents who thought it might be concealing drugs. My Italian & Spanish
>are not good enough to comprehend all in the newsclippings -- I'm
>wondering if Mayayo was finally able to send the destroyed binding to
>the exhibition committee or if any reparations were made to Mayayo.
>Would anyone on the list with further information please post? --Dave.
>Here are the relevant URLs:
>This shows the condition of Pablo Mayayo's binding when it left
>Medellin, Colombia:
>Some info on the destruction:
>This shows the condition after Heathrow customs agents had finished it
>off: http://www.chester.it/rilegatura/leopardi/mayayo/distrutto.htm
>Website for the Primero Mostra Internationale de Rilegatura d'Arte in
>Italia: http://www.chester.it/rilegatura/leopardi/index.htm

Richard Miller <rmiller@peterboro.net>

The Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild website:


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