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Re: Imitation leather

Stitch Witchery is still available, and is what I always use when backing
fabric for binding.  I'm a calligrapher and don't bind a large number of
books, but I almost always use fabric that I've backed myself--there's a much
larger range of colors and design that way.  My understanding is that Stitch
Witchery is archival  (I think it was Suzanne Moore who told me that but I'm
not positive).  There is a similar product as well called Wonder Under, also
available in fabric stores, that I've used and had good results with, but I
know of other people who've not liked their results with it.   Using Stitch
Witchery is a 5-minute process and if you work carefully, provides a smooth,
solid bond.  I iron on a drawing board covered with a towel, and despite what
the directions on the SW say, I gently glide the iron to avoid iron-shaped
marks on the fabric.  Sure beats waiting for glue to dry!

LeeAnne Mallonee

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