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Re: Bookbinding Destroyed by British Customs


Unfortunately my Italian is less than non-existant beyond the words spaghetti
and pizza, so I can't translate the news clippings for you.  But if I remember
right, the book in question was destroyed in customs and the committee judged it
by photos taken before it left the binder.  They also had a special case devoted
to the book explaining what happened and dedicated to the stupidity of human
suspicion.  It also says this on the following page (near the bottom, English


(The text, for those who don't want to visit the site since it can be slow: "The
images refer to the book before it has been mailed from Columbia. The book has
been totally destroyed at the custom - house and it could not be collected by
the Organization Commitee. The Scientific Committee has judged the bookbinding
by looking at the photos and has included it between the 125 prize - winners.
The absence of this bookbinding from the exhibition is a monument to human

A very sad event.  The binding looked quite stunning.


 Eric Alstrom
 Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College
 Hanover, NH


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