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Re: Heaven on Earth Exhibition online

Same problem here.  No hyperlinks would open. I tried loading it 3 different
times.   The page is beautiful!

David J. Lawrence wrote:
> Dear Jean,
> Don't know what's up on your end, but I've just emptied my cache and
> tried all of the hyperlinks and all seems to be working. Is anyone else
> having any trouble viewing the show?
> --Dave.
> > Subject: Re: Heaven On Earth online
> > Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 20:48:46 EDT
> > From: Jean Miller <Jeannren@AOL.COM>
> >
> > The website doesn't seem to be quite up and running properly.  I just went
> > there and got no links to each of the options.  But I look forward to seeing
> > it when it is fully up and running.  Keep us posted.
> >
> > jean miller

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