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Re: Raffia

I recently found good sized bundles of natural long-stranded rafia in
Jo-Anns the sewing and crafts stores.  I believe that they are nation wide.
  I used it to make pine needle baskets.  I have tried waxed string
purchased at Tandy leather stores.  It comes in a couple of colors and is
very strong.


At 10:35 AM 07/28/1999 -0400, you wrote:
>Good morning all:
>I use raffia to make Japanese style bindings. I used to find long, strong,
>natural - colored raffia at Michaels, the craft store. Yesterday I went in to
>replenish my stock and found only short clippings. Their raffia seemed like
>it had been treated with some strong chemicals because it was extremely weak.
>Any ideas on where I could find the good kind? Also, are there any
>substitutes for raffia - natural materials which still have the same look?
>Thank you my friends,
                                    Claudia Stall
                          Head, Collection Preservation Unit
                               San Diego State University
                             Library and Information Services

             "Be kind, do good work, and touch the earth gently."

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