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Brass type (the short version)

Dear Book-arts-people & Bookbinders

This is sort of a query or maybe better yet a market analysis. I have
access to  about 20+ fonts of brass type that I found in Leipzig,
Germany. Now I am not sure if it is interesting for any of you, so I
thought I'd better ask.

I haven't put any on my Website as I don't have access to the camera at
the moment, but suffice it to say they are in great condition and there
is a wide assortment.

Now the reason why I'm asking is that these faces are of the short
european version. They are not type-high, although I am able to use them
with my Kwikprint by gluing them to a flat plate of metal that is
already type-high. It works well.

I was wondering if any of you might be interested in them?

Let me know what you think and also if you've had any experience with
such type.

Greetings from Potsdam

Christopher Brown

P.S. Pardon the cross-posting to bookbinding@onelist and vis-versa

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