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Circle Jacob's Ladder

Ed wrote (from Jamboree):

<<Every year someone manages to show up with a new idea that knocks us out of
our socks.  Jeannie Hunt has wowed the Jamboree with her wedge-shaped Jacob's
ladder book.  It opens into a circle that is a color copy of one of her water
colors and then reverses to reveal the text in English and Spanish. >>

This is incredibly fascinating to me and bears further explanation. How do
the ribbons *bend* to conform to the angled edge of the wedge-shaped pages?
Does the binder need to attach them in a different way from the conventional
Jacob's Ladder? And how does the flip-flopping occur if the ladder doesn't
drop vertically? In other words, how does the book defy gravity and curve up
to complete the circle?

I am very interested in circle-shaped books and quotes on spirals and
circles. Any more info on this subject would be great!

Beth Weiss

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