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Seeking Istotype/Dutch Information

An extract from a book (or booklet?) contains a statement regarding the =
"International Foundation for Visual Education, a non-profit organization =
with headquarters in The Hague, Holland.  The staff of the foundation," =
this extract from an unknown book printed in English asserts, "consists of =
sociologists,teachers, designers and artists..." who promote the use of =
Isotype.  "The aim of Isotype" we are told, "is to express ideas simply, =
clearly and directly in a manner that all the people of the world and of =
all classes will understand."
I am seeking information regarding the Visual Education Foundation, =
Isotype (a system which apparently makes use of visual symbols) and, in =
particular, the mysterious book from which I have quoted.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Tom Trusky, Coordinator
Idaho Center for the Book
Boise State University
Boise, ID  83725
tel. 208.426.1999
fax 208.426.4373
e-mail:  <ttrusky@boisestate.edu>

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