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Re: book structure

Hi Vivian & Nicholette:  I used the same directions from Tabellae Ansata to
make some books.  I used large pages from an old atlas (maps on both sides
of the pages) and sewed pages inside.  I also placed various things in the
pockets and collaged a bit on the outside covers.  They worked out very
well.  I am also interested to know how the red silk was used.  It sounds
Laura Tompkins

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From: Vivian Montre <vmontre@NETSHEL.NET>
Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 8:18 PM
Subject: Re: book structure

>Hi Nicholette,
>I made 60 of these fold books for mailing items to people in a project that
>I ran in February.  Will you please explain how you used the silk - that
>sounds very pretty.  Thanks,
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>From: Nicholette Hart <nicholette@xtra.co.nz>
>Sent: Wednesday, July 28, 1999 7:38 PM
>Subject: Re: book structure
>> Hi Carrie
>> Do you have access to a copy of Tabellae Ansata 1st issue. I used some
>> of this red/black paper to make the Secret Slipcase: Pockets on Every
>> Edge on page 40. It has the origami like fold pattern so that it
>> produces a black spine cover inside & out, with the red showing as a
>> pocket down the foredge. I used red silk to sew on the bookblock. Great
>> when travelling as it has pockets everywhere.
>> Nikki
>> Carrie L. Valenzuela wrote:
>> >
>> > Hello, all ! I've been hanging onto some beautiful reversible kozo
>> > (red on one side, black on the other) for the longest time. I'm itching
>> > do SOMETHING with it but I want to do justice to it. What kind of
>> > structure would you folks suggest using ? Bring on the ideas !!!!
>> >                         Thanks !  -Carrie V.
>> >
>> > P.S. Is there anyone on the list in the Rochester, NY area or upstate
>> > I'd love to meet some of you.

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