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Re: Rafia


The best hemp cord I've found is at the bottom of this website:


The smallest size is about 1/16 inch and may be a bit heavy for small
books.  But I like its natural look.

Royalwood, Ltd is at

                     517 Woodville Road, Mansfield, Ohio 44907
      LOCAL PHONE: 1-419-526-1630  1-800-526-1630
                      24 HOUR FAX LINE: 1-888-526-1618
                         E-mail: Roybilkat@worldnet.att.net

Their main website is under construction but there is a subsidiary one at


This covers the waxed linen---lots of sizes and colors.  I use 4mm for most
of my bookwork, 12 mm for knotting.


Sam Lanham (slanham@hctc.net)

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