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Re: Circle Jacob's Ladder

Hi Friends,

I'm sorry I have not responded to this topic sooner.  We just finished the
second week of the Book Arts Jamboree.  It proved to be a fast-paced, high
energy event.  Kandy Lippincott's eraser-carving class on Wednesday morning
proved so successful that she repeated it again at 11 p.m. Wednesday night.
Even that wasn't enough, so a third session was held at 11 p.m. on Thursday
night.  Claire Russell (The Gocco Printing Guide) also got pressed into an
overflow session.

I wish I had the time (and the energy) to give you more details, but we are
planning to issue a full report in the Sept/Oct issue of Book Arts
Classified.  If you don't subscribe already, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!

Quickly, here are some of the highlights: in addition to the formal classes
(by Berwyn Hung, Emily Martin, Katherine Ng, and Susan Share) there was an
instructor's show-n-tell (no owl this time), a participant's show-n-tell, a
buy-sell-trade session, several participant-led bonus workshops, an amazing
materials exchange (thank heavens the patches that we thought were human skin
turned out to be Fimo clay), an exciting artist book auction, a performance
by Susan Share's "Books/Body/Performance" class (who would have thought that
the little round containers of cream served at breakfast could be squashed to
resemble condoms?), video appetizers before dinner, an instructor's idea
exchange, and a final "show off" session to view and appreciate all the
wonderful books that had been created during the week.

The above description, of course, was just to annoy anyone who opened this
posting in the hopes of learning more about Jeannie Hunt's circle Jacob's
Ladder.  It's hard to describe, but to answer some of the questions, the
hinge ribbons went at a diagonal across the wedge-shaped pages.  It was not
possible to hold it up and operate it like a conventional Jacob's Ladder.
Instead, it lay flat on the table and Jeanie lifted up each wedge and folded
it back and under to reveal the next side.  She showed several models of
similar structures she had developed.

On Sunday, the third and final session of the Jamboree gets underway.  After
all the excitement of the first two weeks I'm wondering where I will summon
the energy to jump-start the next program.  I already know the answer: the
energy comes from the participants who arrive bursting with new ideas and
expectations.  We have a wonderful slate of instructors (Carol Barton,
Marylee Bytheriver, Gordon Fluke and Melissa Potter) and I know it's going to
be a fantastic week.


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