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Re: mounting parchment

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From: Bob Ritchie <sandybay@COVE.COM>
Date: zaterdag 10 juli 1999 3:27
Subject: mounting parchment

A. Bring the parchment in a wet environment. You can hang it above a bucket
with water.
When you can unfolded the parchment it is wet enough.
B. When it is a little wet you can bring it up a frame with tape you used
also for paper when you havemak\de an aquarel. It does not damage the
parchment. When drying it stretched by itself.
Henk de Groot, parchmentmaker.

>Greetings,  I have a folded parchment document that I would like to frame.
>I am seeking advice on A. flattening the folds B. proper mounting within a
>frame.  Bob
>Bob Ritchie
>Sandy Bay Books
>1 Harraden Ave.
>Rockport, MA  01966

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