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Re: From West Virginia


I don't think that binding miniature books is any different from binding
large books, except, of course, you need finer materials because the kind of
papers and boards you would use on  a large book would be too bulky for a
small one.

If that is of any interest to you, I could let you know what papers, etc. I
use. It just takes time and trial to figure out which are best for your

We live in Eastern Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes from New Jersey, so I don't
know what is available in your area. I do know that it was hard to find
someone to teach bookbinding, but, that was 13 years ago and the book arts
have come a long way since then.

I do know that the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie
Mellon University in Pittsburgh is also interested in bookbinding as Mrs Hunt
whose collection and money made the Hunt Institute possible was also a
wonderful bookbinder. They might possibly have workshops or be able to tell
you where to look in the area.

I have been binding my own books since 1990 and am now working on my 13th.
they are mostly 2" to 2 1/2". I do not consider myself to be a master
bookbinder and just know enough to bind my own books reasonably well.  They
have all been bound in either paper or suitable cloth, such as little violet
print for a book on Violets. You can see most of them on my web page at

If you don't already know about the Miniature Book Society, you might check
that out too, at http://www.mbs.org   I also have a couple of bookbinder
friends who take apprentices but they are not in your area and you would have
to go to them for several months. another thought is to take workshops down
at Pyramid Atlantic in Washington, DC if that isn't too far? Their address
is: Pyramid Atlantic, 6001  66th Ave, Suite 103, Riverdale, MD 20737. Tel:
301 459 7154 or 301 577 3424.

All I can think of for the moment but will be glad to help if there are any
questions that I can answer.

Best wishes,

Jane Conneen
The Little Farm Press

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