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keeping entertained while waiting for a plane

If you've just finished the second week of the wonderful Book Arts
Jamboree, waiting a few hours for a plane that's been delayed is no
problem!  Katherine Ng would have taught you that anything can be folded
and you can amuse yourself folding candy wrappers, note paper or magazines
into boxes, books and flexagons.  Pull out your samples and amuse the
children around you with rotating rings of flexagons and show them how to
fold papers themselves.
When you finally get on the plane, you think about folding the
"airsickness" bag, but it is 10:00 pm and you haven't really slept all
week.  So you close your eyes and go to sleep smiling, thinking about the
totally generous and wonderful experience of the Jamboree.  Thank you Ed
and Carolyn!

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