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Re: From West Virginia

Jane:  I visited your website & love your miniature books.  I would really
appreciate it if you would tell us exactly what types of papers, adhesives,
and materials etc. you use.
Laura Tompkins
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From: Jane Conneen <JConneen@AOL.COM>
Date: Sunday, August 01, 1999 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: From West Virginia

>I don't think that binding miniature books is any different from binding
>large books, except, of course, you need finer materials because the kind
>papers and boards you would use on  a large book would be too bulky for a
>small one.
>If that is of any interest to you, I could let you know what papers, etc. I
>use. It just takes time and trial to figure out which are best for your
>We live in Eastern Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes from New Jersey, so I
>know what is available in your area. I do know that it was hard to find
>someone to teach bookbinding, but, that was 13 years ago and the book arts
>have come a long way since then.
>I do know that the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie
>Mellon University in Pittsburgh is also interested in bookbinding as Mrs
>whose collection and money made the Hunt Institute possible was also a
>wonderful bookbinder. They might possibly have workshops or be able to tell
>you where to look in the area.
>I have been binding my own books since 1990 and am now working on my 13th.
>they are mostly 2" to 2 1/2". I do not consider myself to be a master
>bookbinder and just know enough to bind my own books reasonably well.  They
>have all been bound in either paper or suitable cloth, such as little
>print for a book on Violets. You can see most of them on my web page at
>If you don't already know about the Miniature Book Society, you might check
>that out too, at http://www.mbs.org   I also have a couple of bookbinder
>friends who take apprentices but they are not in your area and you would
>to go to them for several months. another thought is to take workshops down
>at Pyramid Atlantic in Washington, DC if that isn't too far? Their address
>is: Pyramid Atlantic, 6001  66th Ave, Suite 103, Riverdale, MD 20737. Tel:
>301 459 7154 or 301 577 3424.
>All I can think of for the moment but will be glad to help if there are any
>questions that I can answer.
>Best wishes,
>Jane Conneen
>The Little Farm Press

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