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Re: From West Virginia


I can see that I still have things to learn about email! I thought that when
I clicked on "Reply" (and not "Reply All") it would just go to the person it
was intended for and not the whole list! Since yours is the third inquiry, I
can see that I was wrong. I am delighted to see such an interest in miniature
books and would be glad to let you know about the materials, etc I use,
but......not just now!!

Perhaps my response to the first inquiry also went out over the list too. If
not, I explained that I am busy binding books and working non-stop to get
ready to go to Koblenz, Germany for the Annual Conclave of the Miniature Book
Society. Back at the end of August. Will try to remember, or perhaps someone
will remind me, about writing then - or around the middle of September when I
will have gone through the mail and other "coming home" chores.

thanks for visiting my web page and for your nice comments.

Best wishes,

Jane Conneen

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