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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

We have 10 standing presses in the unit.  Sometimes all are full and we
must use flat weights.  In a high volume operation, they are essential.
Book binding (or more accurately in my case, re-binding) is only a small
percentage of our work.  Most items need hinge work although they may need
other work as well.  Stacking several books to dry in a standing press
allows for a high volume operation.

At 09:06 AM 08/03/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>This sounds great. I have seen the Roberts' model constructed and it
>seems to really work well.  My question is, do a lot of the folks out
>there really use a standing press?  Is it intended for stacking many
>volumes one on the other?  I bind one book at a time and my old book
>presses seem to serve the purpose.  Would a standing press do a better
>job?  If so I would consider building the Roberts revision model.
>pnigro wrote:
>> Finally realizing that I'd never be able to afford--or house--a
>> commercial
>> standing press, I began exploring the idea of building my own.
>> Inspired by
>> the example provided by Dr Brian Roberts at www.cbbag.ca, I've built
>> what I
>> think is a really nice press that works very well and was relatively
>> inexpensive (around $100). It's perfect for the periodic binding I do,
>> yet
>> sturdy enough for everyday use.
>> If anyone is interested in trying to build their own, I put together a
>> materials list and set of instructions. If you'd like to take a look,
>> let
>> me know and I'll email you a copy. I have it as a Word97 document w/
>> inline
>> graphics (~800KB) or as a .txt file, and could send the pictures
>> separately.
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                          Head, Collection Preservation Unit
                               San Diego State University
                             Library and Information Services

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