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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

>We have 10 standing presses in the unit.  Sometimes all are full and we
>must use flat weights.  In a high volume operation, they are essential.
>Book binding (or more accurately in my case, re-binding) is only a small
>percentage of our work.  Most items need hinge work although they may need
>other work as well.  Stacking several books to dry in a standing press
>allows for a high volume operation.

Although we don't have any standing presses that are of the do-it-yourself
variety I can certainly attest to the high volume nature of standing
presses.  We have 6 full size (approx. 8 feet tall) cast iron presses and
many others of various sizes.  We use 4 of the full size presses on almost
a daily basis with an approximate monthly average of 2500 volumes.  The
only draw back to the standing press is a 24 hour drying time but we've
become accustomed to it.


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