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Re: Endsheet question


Gane Bros. sells a "Bible endsheet paper" that has a colored latex
material on one side, white paper on the other.  They sent me a sample
in black, which I have not used, since I didn't like it very well.  I
have concerns about the life of the finish, as well.  I don't know
whether it comes in other colors, but one could call and ask.

Eugene, OR


Terrence Collins wrote:
> Hello.  I am rebinding a bible (red leather) and I want to use
> red endsheets like the ones in the original cover.  The client prefers them,
> but I've never seen endsheets like this before.  They are definitely not
> paper.
> They seem like a very thin sheet of plastic with a paper lining ,
> almost like vinyl. (for lack of a more descrip term).    Anyone know
> what they are and more important -where I can find new ones?

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