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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

Yes, we should be most interested in your instructions, etc., and the

Recently, we had to restore a book 23" down.  Working on the spine
was a real problem.  So we built a press to hold large books in the
vertical position, spine up.  Now, we need a standing press to
hold these large books.  Your design will be well appreciated.

Thank you.

Peter N. Krantz
Book Restorations.
P.O. Box 500,
North Sydney,
N.S.W.               2059,

(34 Clanville Road,  Roseville,  N.S.W.  2069,  AUSTRALIA.)

Telephone:  +61 2 9416.9900
Fax:  +61 2 9416.6800
Email:  bkfndrs@ozemail.com.au

Established:  1976


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