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Re: Do it Yourself Standing press

Instructions for the press will be mounted on the Book Arts Web in the
Tutorial section within a few days. Looks nice!


At 08:31 AM 8/4/1999 +0004, you wrote:
>Yes, we should be most interested in your instructions, etc., and the
>Recently, we had to restore a book 23" down.  Working on the spine
>was a real problem.  So we built a press to hold large books in the
>vertical position, spine up.  Now, we need a standing press to
>hold these large books.  Your design will be well appreciated.
>Thank you.
>Peter N. Krantz
>Book Restorations.
>P.O. Box 500,
>North Sydney,
>N.S.W.               2059,
>(34 Clanville Road,  Roseville,  N.S.W.  2069,  AUSTRALIA.)
>Telephone:  +61 2 9416.9900
>Fax:  +61 2 9416.6800
>Email:  bkfndrs@ozemail.com.au
>Established:  1976

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